she’s all grown up now.

ino or omoi requested by coonfox


me as marth and the computer player as ike in ssbb aka the dream team


*plays on Wario Inc stage in Brawl*
*Ashley’s Song comes on*
Kskflglskskenfmdksosnnf f2f dksksk AAAAAAAAAAAAASHLEY


Stay strong, Ness…..
Stay strong for Mother…..

Anonymous: Who are your Smash Bros mains?









gf: babe come over

me: i can’t im watching the new super smash bros brawl trailer

gf: my parents aren’t home ;)

me: image


i just rememberd a really embarrassing daydream I used to have and it made me realize how fucking long ago it was that SSBB was announced.  ugh.


SSBB killing it.

Sora and Riku, KH2

Riku: There is one perk to being me
Riku: Something you can never imitate
Sora: R-really? What's that?
Riku: Having you for a friend.


idr if i ever talked about when i made ssimpleandclean soriku plushies and riku ended up shorter then sora?

well that happened.


cambixn replied to your post: -

soriku sounds awesome

soriku is like a 360 no scope combo kill


I haven’t feeding my Silvaze fans for a while, I’m sorry


”You’re my friend, aren’t you?”

we all know where this is from

missyshadix: I am sending you Silvaze!


UGH. I FEEL BAD BECAUSE I HAVEN’T PLAYED SONIC RUSH, OR SONIC ‘06… I’m not even sure I can, frankly… I just think the two of them look cute together XD But I will tryyyyyy. Sorry if these aren’t entirely accurate to their characters

send me a ship and I’ll tell you who: 

makes the bed in the mornings

Blaze, ‘cause she seems to me like the type who will want to get everything that needs to be done done NOW instead of later; she’s super punctual and hates disorder. Silver would probably hate making the bed despite the fact he can do it more quickly, but he would do it with Blaze so it’s not as bad.

is the bigger cuddler

Silver, if only because I feel like he would try really hard to be the man in the relationship. Not that he’s not already affectionate toward Blaze anyway; I just feel like Silver would want to try and cuddle her more because he feels like he should be able to comfort her whenever he can

does the laundry

Again, some part of me thinks Silver would hate doing something like this… Naturally Blaze’ll break him of that and having him washing and folding without bellyaching in no time

flirts the most

I don’t really know, actually, since Blaze is kind of closed off… I think she might be the flirty one because she knows how much it would make Silver flush and freak out. She probably loves teasing him secretly

shops for groceries

Silver would, I think. Anything to please Blaze. That and so he won’t be so “hesitant” about getting small stuff done

comes home drunk at 3am

I’m… not sure really… maybe Silver. He doesn’t always think before he acts, even if he is contemplating the future a lot. But if he’s got something on his mind that’s bothering him he’d probably want to drown it out and then when he comes home Blaze would talk it out of him

cooks meals

Okay, I see this and immediately think of Blaze using her powers to cook things which I find hilarious but if she’s doing it with style and flair it could be really awesome to look at I think…

gets upset during mario kart

Silver, of course! He hates to lose after all. Blaze would think he’s crazy for getting mad at a game—she’d probably laugh if he rage quit or tossed his controller across the room XD

starts the fights

Silver, due to his impulsive nature and because he doesn’t always gather the entire picture, imo. He seems like he can grasp the gravity of a situation quickly but not all the parts that go into it right away, so Blaze would have to spell out the issue and then make him understand why Silver’s wrong, if he was to begin with

initiates duets

Silver, because I don’t think Blaze has quite the audacity to burst into song quite yet. MAYBE if she knows no one else is around she might start off in a quiet voice, but she wouldn’t want other people to see her so loose and relaxed, I think.

falls asleep first

Blaze. I think sometimes she might because she gets more easily worked up over things than Silver, and so might sleep her stress off to get away from it.